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Détroit | #dtroit
(Bertrand Cantat, Pascal Humbert)
[2013.-…], -, France

After a dark decade marked by the tragedy of Vilnius (death of Marie Trintignant), a trial and four years in prison, Bertrand Cantat is coming back to the limelight in a new band, Détroit, with a new record, the title of which is rather evocative: Horizons.

Symbolic milestone of his return to public life, this album is nonetheless a new step for the former singer of Noir Désir.

Intimately linked to the fate of Bertrand Cantat, the album, composed with the musician Pascal Humbert, tells about this dark decade, but not only.

Project born of the collaboration between Bertrand Cantat and Pascal Humbert, ex-member of the legendary and bygone French band, Noir Désir, for the former and of Sixteen Horsepower for the latter, Détroit are establishing themselves as a vestige of the golden age of French rock of the nineties. The fruit of this union, “Horizons”, released in November 2013, is like a storm that bursts after a day of brooding heat. When Cantat’s voice, with its disturbing, electrifying timbre falls like a downpour on the audience, combined with Humbert’s delicate gasping arpeggios, it’s easy to imagine ourselves in a vintage car, driving for endless miles along the open road, of which the asphalt surface has started to melt under the implacable heat of the sun.
[Paléo 2014]

Good session! Enjoy!


5 – Détroit – Horizon – 2014
4 – Détroit – Le Creux de Ta Main – 2014
3 – Détroit – Null and Void – 2013
2 – Détroit – Ange de Désolation – 2013
1 – Détroit – Droit Dans le Soleil – 2013

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