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14 – Casseurs Flowters – Si Facile – 2016
13 – Casseurs Flowters – Xavier (Diamond Deuklo) – 2016
12 – Casseurs Flowters – Inachevés – 2016
11 – Casseurs Flowters – Le Mal Est Fait – 2016
10 – Casseurs Flowters – Quand Ton Père T’Engueule – 2016
8 – Casseurs Flowters – À l’Heure Où Je Me Couche – 2015
7 – Casseurs Flowters – 06h16 – Des Histoires à Raconter – 2014
6 – Casseurs Flowters – 01h47 – Change de Pote – 2014
5 – Casseurs Flowters – 22h31 – Fais les Backs – 2014
4 – Casseurs Flowters – 15h02 – Regarde Comme Il Fait Beau (Dehors) – 2013
1 – Casseurs Flowters – 18h30 – Bloqué – 2013


Casseurs Flowters | #casseursflowters
(Guillaume Tranchant (Gringe), Aurélien Cotentin (OrelSan))
[2013.-…], Paris, France


Casseurs Flowters is a French hip hop duo established in 2004 by rappers Orelsan and Gringe.

The duo’s name is a reference to the two “Wet Bandits” from the movie “Home Alone”, called the “Casseurs Flotteurs” in the French dialogue.

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Fans of 90s hard rock had Wayne’s World, today’s French rap fans have Casseurs Flowters. Like their venerable metal ancestors Wayne and Garth, Orelsan and Gringe embody a certain coolness shoved onto a shabby sofa, two slackers who in their own inimitable way have scaled the steps of entertainment on the back of puerile private jokes and an almost twin-like understanding. From recordings made in their Normandy room to movie theatres, Casseurs Flowters have turned their false flippancy into their greatest selling point, managing to make the barren lives of macho men seem utterly ridiculous. Comment C’est Loin, their second album and the soundtrack to their eponymous feature film, just reaffirms this duo’s recipe: melodic rap filled with scathing punchlines. Party time!
[Rock en Seine 2016]

“And I run between two trains, get out of breath between two refrains. We’re the future, we’re the uncool of tomorrow. The harder you hit, the harder you smash up your hand.” The abrupt lyrics of Casseurs Flowters are near to perfection. This duo, created by Orelsan and Gringe in 2010, tell it like a buddy movie, the reunion of two disillusioned teenagers, unmotivated and apathetic, something like the slobs from Home Alone. On their first concept album, Orelsan et Gringe Sont les Casseurs Flowters”, the two rappers, with their sharp, corrosive sense of humour, use the eleven tracks to recount a day of “screwing around”. But don’t be deceived: their stage performance is far from apathetic!
[Paléo 2014]

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