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Lisa LeBlanc | #LisaLeBlanc |
[1990-…], Rosaireville, NB, Canada |

In recent years, the country music, a musical genre rather neglected by the younger generation, has been taking the bull by the horns. The young Acadian singer-songwriter Lisa Leblanc is no exception to this new wave of French country and her country-folk songs performed on banjo are experiencing a phenomenal success.

Recognized for her extraordinary energy, her sense of self-deprecating humor and saucy, she won several awards and is touring constantly since the release of her debut album in March 2012. His disarming ease on stage – which derives from its early experience of “Songwriter” in bars -, her natural and clever way of mixing humor and serious topics make her one of the most original artists on the Quebec scene right now. [RFI]

“Me, Lisa LeBlanc, I play trash folk. I am an Acadian who rolls her r’s, who loves to make fun of herself, who writes lyrics without too many frills and who is fed up of singing girly songs!” So that’s that! The young singer-songwriter of 23, originally from New Brunswick, a province to the East of Quebec, has had a meteoric rise to fame in her native Canada and more recently elsewhere in the French-speaking world. Her country rock folk, sung in “chiac”, a dialect mixing English and old French, is full of the joy of life, sincerity and well-placed crudity. Luminous and candid, Lisa LeBlanc will carry you off for a spot of hell raising.
[Paléo 2014]

Good session! Enjoy!

3 – Lisa LeBlanc – Cerveau Ramolli – 2012
2 – Lisa LeBlanc – Aujourd’hui, Ma Vie C’Est d’la Marde – 2012
1 – Lisa LeBlanc – Y Fait Chaud – 2012
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