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36 ▸ The Black Keys – Fire Walk With Me – 2019 •
35 ▸ The Black Keys – Sit Around And Miss You – 2019 •
34 ▸ The Black Keys – Go – 2019 •
33 ▸ The Black Keys – Weight of Love – 2014 •
32 ▸ The Black Keys – Just Got to Be – 2014 •
31 ▸ The Black Keys – Fever – 2014 •
25 ▸ The Black Keys – Gold on the Ceiling – 2012 •
24 ▸ The Black Keys – Little Black Submarines – 2012 •
23 ▸ The Black Keys – Howlin’ for You – 2011 •
22 ▸ The Black Keys – Lonely Boy – 2011 •
20 ▸ The Black Keys – Too Afraid to Love You [Live] – 2010 •
19 ▸ The Black Keys – Next Girl – 2010 •
18 ▸ The Black Keys – Everlasting Light – 2010 •
17 ▸ The Black Keys – Tighten Up – 2010 •
12 ▸ The Black Keys – Strange Times – 2008 •
10 ▸ The Black Keys – Just Got to Be – 2007 •
08 ▸ The Black Keys – Your Touch – 2006 •
06 ▸ The Black Keys – 10 A.M. Automatic – 2004 •
03 ▸ The Black Keys – Set You Free – 2003 •


The Black Keys | #theblackkeys
(Dan Auerbach, Patrick Carney)
[2001-…], Akron, OH, United States


The Black Keys are an American rock band formed in Akron, Ohio, in 2001.

The duo began as an independent act, recording music in basements and self-producing their records, before they eventually emerged as one of the most popular garage rock artists during a second wave of the genre’s revival in the 2010s. The band’s raw blues rock sound draws heavily from Dan Auerbach‘s blues influences, including Junior Kimbrough, Howlin’ Wolf, and Robert Johnson.

Friends since childhood, Auerbach and Carney founded the group after dropping out of college. After signing with indie label Alive, they released their debut album, The Big Come Up (2002), which earned them a new deal with Fat Possum Records. Over the next decade, the Black Keys built an underground fanbase through extensive touring of small clubs, frequent album releases and music festival appearances, and substantial licensing of their songs. Their third album, Rubber Factory (2004), received critical acclaim and boosted the band’s profile, eventually leading to a record deal with major label Nonesuch Records in 2006. After self-producing and recording their first four records in makeshift studios, the duo completed Attack & Release (2008) in a professional studio and hired producer Danger Mouse, a frequent collaborator with the band.

The group’s commercial breakthrough came in 2010 with Brothers, which along with its popular single « Tighten Up », won three Grammy Awards. Their 2011 follow-up El Camino received strong reviews and peaked at number two on the Billboard 200 chart, leading to the first arena concert tour of the band’s career, the El Camino Tour. The album and its hit single « Lonely Boy » won three Grammy Awards. In 2014, they released their eighth album, Turn Blue, their first number-one record in the US, Canada, and Australia.

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In the beginning, there were only two of them. Two raging, gifted musicians seeking inspiration in the rock music of the past fifty years.
On hearing their lyrics for the first time, people took them as words of prophecy and they became the vanguard of a revival movement of this kind of music in the early 2000’s.The minimalist formation of the band’s early days became progressively more sophisticated. The sound was enriched by the contribution of two new musicians and the compositions became more polished.
Nowadays they have grown a second pop skin, as hard as some of the greatest hits in the history of rock.
[Paléo 2014]

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