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01 – Jean-Louis Murat – Intro – 1991
02 – Jean-Louis Murat – Terre de France – 1991
03 – Jean-Louis Murat – Le Berger de Chamablanc – 1991
04 – Jean-Louis Murat – Dordogne – 1991
05 – Jean-Louis Murat – Final – 1991

06 – Jean-Louis Murat – Le Lien Défait – 1991


Jean-Louis Murat | #jeanlouismurat
(Jean-Louis Bergheaud)
[1954-…], La Bourboule, Auvergne, Frankreich


Jean-Louis Murat is the pseudonym of the French singer/songwriter Jean-Louis Bergheaud.

In 1985, Jean-Louis Murat did some recording with CBS but none of the discs came out, then the year after, he jumped on the opportunity to record at Virgin Records and in 1998, the 45 rpm record “Si Je Devais Manquer de Toi” came out. This one met with some success, allowing the singer to start being recognized at last. His success was confirmed the sales of his new album which came out in 1989, called Cheyenne Autumn. It was recorded in London and included other singles which were also successful (“L’Ange Déchu“, “Te Garder Près de Moi“).

This beginning of fame brought him to be noticed by the movie industry, so Jean-Louis Murat appeared in 1990 as an actor in a film by Jacques Doillon who offered him a role in La Vengeance d’une Femme with Isabelle Huppert and Beatrice Dalle. But what made him definitely known in the eyes of a wider public is the single “Regrets” (in duet with Mylène Farmer) in 1991 (No. 3 in Top 50 and more than 300,000 copies sold), while he was turning 40. At that same time, his new studio album came out, Le Manteau de Pluie. His titles “Col de la Croix-Morand” and “Sentiment Nouveau” met with a great success; “Sentiment Nouveau” entered the top 50 position in the early 1992’s. Since then, his albums have regularly been into the French Top 20.

Murat en Plein Air is a short film shot during the summer of 1991 in Notre-Dame Chapel of Roche-Charles, near Boslabert, Puy-de-Dôme (Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France), after the recording of the album “Le Manteau de Pluie”.

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