Sum 41

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Sum 41 | #sum41 |
(Deryck Whibley, Steve Jocz, Dave Baksh, Jason McCaslin, Tom Thacker, Frank Zummo, …)
[1996-…], Ajax, ON, Kanada |

Admit it – when they first appeared at the turn of the century you were always confusing Sum 41 with Blink 182, a few years their senior: a trivial difference in numbers and letters which U2 somehow miraculously escaped. A few flashes of sound later and all the doubt was gone: their 2001 album All Killer, No Filler dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s with a handful of unstoppable hits. The 21st century got its first squirt of punk rock, honed in particular through contact with The Offspring on gigantic tours. Twenty years (!) after they formed, Sum 41 are reconnecting with these teenage loves and heading out onto the figure 8 rollercoaster that is the stage circuit. After setting two Trianons atremble in late February, Rock en Seine can count on Sum 41 to make their show a number to remember.
[Rock en Seine 2016]

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