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Alice im Wonderland

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01 – Ibrahim Maalouf, Maitrise de Radio France – Introduction [Live] – 2015
02 – Ibrahim Maalouf, Oxmo Puccino, Maitrise de Radio France – Tomber Longtemps [Live] – 2015
03 – Ibrahim Maalouf, Oxmo Puccino, Maitrise de Radio France – Jamais Quand Il Faut [Live] – 2015
04 – Ibrahim Maalouf, Oxmo Puccino, Maitrise de Radio France – La Course Au Caucus [Live] – 2015
05 – Ibrahim Maalouf, Oxmo Puccino – La Porte Bonheur [Live] – 2015

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Ibrahim Maalouf | #ibrahimmaalouf
[1980-…], Beyrouth, Beyrouth, Libanon

Oxmo Puccino | #oxmopuccino
(Abdoulaye Diarra)
[1974-…], Ségou, Ségou, Mali


A pioneering figure in the world of contemporary jazz thanks to his fusion of pop, soul, electro, hip-hop and French chansons with the music of his Lebanese roots, Ibrahim Maalouf is widely regarded as one of the most gifted trumpet players of his generation.

Together with the French rap singer Oxmo Puccino, they revisit Lewis Carroll’s tale “Alice in Wonderland”.

When composing this modern opera, Ibrahim Maalouf followed the chronology of the original masterpiece while asking Oxmo Puccino to write the lyrics of each chapter through his modern view of literature.

Thus do we follow Alice from encounter to encounter in an absurd and wonderful land.


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